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Outdoor Workout Pouch


Spydergrip is an ultra light-weight, micro pack that allows you to store your personal belongings while you are out exercising.

Spydergrip is UNLIKE any other outdoor pouches because:

✅ Weight is distributed equally on your chest and back area while other pouches require you to wear it on your arm

✅ Work out at ease without worrying that the pouch slips down your arm due to your perspiration

✅ It is adjustable, lightweight, and military-grade that sits nicely on your back during your workouts

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Other Benefits of Spydergrip Include:

Design with Comfort and Universal Fit

Crafted with durable and well sewn velcro that is adjustable and suitable for everyday use. Straps are manufactured using anti-chafe material that provides comfort and does not cause itchiness.

Go wireless and hassle free as you listen to music and workout on the go!

Fancy rocking out in your favourite sports tunes? Spydergrip pouches are all water and sweat resistance. Just store your phone securely in the pouch and workout to your favourite tunes!

Stay safe running or cycling at night

Reflective strips on the straps illuminate in the night, keeping you safe and be seen from the front and back.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Fits most mobile devices in the market


Outer compartment dimensions: 11 cm x 16 cm

Inner compartment dimensions: 7.62 cm x 11.43 cm (Inner pocket within the large pocket that has a velcro to secure your items such as keys, money, jewellery and cards)


Grey, Lime Green


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